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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Success Stories: How I Gained Control of my Life

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Many people find when they are frustrated, angry, and at their wit's end about an abusive, out-of-control partner, parent, or child who seems to exhibit borderline personality disorder traits. Some are dealing with a partner who has left them and they are in deep despair about the situation. Some have been struggling with misery, abuse, the cycle of good times and bad times for months or even years.

However, there are many members of our BPDfamily forum who consider themselves "Success Stories". Some have managed to stay with the bpd person in their lives; some have moved on. But all have worked their way through the morass of misery, depression, anxiety, and lack of control that they felt as a result of these relationships.

The "Success Stories" Workshop is their place to talk about their journey out of pain and suffering to a productive, balanced, and happy life. If you are struggling you may wish to read their words of comfort and wisdom. BPDFamily has many members who have found their way through the maze... and they are happy to share their insights with you!

Author: JoannaK provides support, education, tools, and perspective to individuals with a loved one affected by Borderline Personality Disorder. BPFamily is a non-profit, co-op of nearly 75,000 volunteer members and alumni formed in 1998. We welcome you to join our free 24 hour on-line support community with its nearly 3 million postings and grow with us as we learn to live better lives in the shadow of this disorder. For more information or to register, please click here.

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  1. what is the success rate of people with bpd to, not necessarily fully recover but to start dealing with life a bit better and how is it best achieved